Jatan Mehta

Hi, I’m Jatan Mehta and this is my personal blog. So instead of talking about space exploration and science, which I do at jatan.space, this place is about all my other interests. This includes thoughts on consumer tech, my poems, nature pictures, life updates and more.

Geeky and techie

I have my idiosyncrasies, which are most prominent in usage of everyday technology. I spend my free time exploring operating systems and less popular apps. I’m obsessed with UX design and tweaking settings to make things just right. I can spend an uncomfortable amount of time talking to you about usability issues in a popular tech product.

Seeing use of good quality fonts makes me happy, which most websites lack unfortunately. I prefer text over video & audio formats for information consumption. Speaking of text, e-ink displays are a delightful piece of consumer technology, like the one found in the Kindle.

Building an open world

I contribute to open source movements whenever possible, because the world needs to be a transparent and collaborative place. I’ve made bit-sized contributions to open source software including elementary OS, GNOME and indie projects. I also love editing Wikipedia. I care about digital privacy and think everyone deserves individuality, not Google.

What about “human stuff”?

Well, sometimes I write poems for people I care about. Hugging dear ones gives me a sense of comfort which I rarely get. I also enjoy making cards for people to write those poems in and gifting people a nice book. Though I’ve never received a card myself or been written a poem for.

What do I wish for?

I want to go to the nearest star. I want to live on a planet that goes around multiple suns, not just one. I want to explore star clusters and galaxies. In the absence of the fulfilment of these dreams, science fiction books quench my appetite. Like every space nerd out there, I love 2001: A Space Odyssey, Asimov’s Foundation, The Expanse, etc.

Hope you find something interesting and thought provoking. If not, go to jatan.space! 😉