Jatan Mehta

Hi, I’m Jatan Mehta and this is my personal blog. So instead of talking about space exploration and science, which I do at jatan.space, this blog is about all my other interests. This includes thoughts on consumer tech, my poems, nature pictures, life updates and more.

I need my space

I love science, in particular space exploration. And I dig science communication. These are what drive my professional life and all of what you see on jatan.space.

Geeky and techie

I have my idiosyncrasies, which are most prominent in usage of everyday technology. I spend my free time exploring operating systems and less popular apps. I’m obsessed with UX design and tweaking settings to make things just right. I can spend hours pointing out usability issues in a random product.

Seeing good quality fonts being used makes me happy, which most websites lack BTW. I prefer text over video & audio formats for information consumption. Speaking of which, e-ink displays (like the Kindle) are a delightful piece of consumer technology.

Building an open world

I believe in a transparent and collaborative world which is why I contribute to open source movements when possible. I’ve made bit-sized contributions to open source software including elementary OS, GNOME and indie projects. I also love editing Wikipedia. I care about digital privacy and think everyone deserves individuality, not Google.

What about the “human stuff”?

Well, sometimes I write poems for people I care about. Hugging dear ones gives a sense of comfort which I rarely get. I also enjoy making cards for people to write those poems in and gifting them some nice book. Though I’ve never received a card myself or been written a poem for.

What do I wish for?

I want to go to the nearest star. I want to live on a planet that goes around multiple suns, not just one. I want to explore star clusters and galaxies. In the absence of fulfillment of these dreams, science fiction books quench my appetite. Like every space nerd out there, I love 2001: A Space Odyssey, Asimov’s Foundation, The Expanse, etc.

What is this blog about again?

This is my personal blog. It means that I express, share and write about things here other than science and space. That includes thoughts on consumer technology, random pictures of nature or some life updates. Hope you find something interesting and thought provoking. If not, go to jatan.space! 😉